Thanks to my friend Shelley for inspiring this reflection.

We start hockey season this week and I’ve been feeling nervous and discouraged because last season pretty much sucked with ECT and being in and out of the hospital. I lost a lot of my endurance and gained weight and now my equipment feels tight.

But here’s the thing, I want to play hockey because I LOVE hockey and well, dammit if that isn’t a good enough reason to lay my ego aside and get out there even if I’m the slowest slug on the ice.

So cheers to starting fresh and loving what your body CAN do instead of hating what it can’t. I likely won’t ever be the fastest on the ice, but that is no reason to quit.

Go HERicanes!!!


Mt. Kinabalu

Over the last two days:

10.5 hours
16 km
11000 ft. above sea level

= one climb to the highest point in Southeast Asia.

I climbed a mountain. I am overcome at this realization. Who ever thought I could do it? I wasn’t sure I would make it. But I climbed with two people who kept me going and kept me encouraged when every step felt like lead.

It’s hard to believe it is real.

A Year in Katimavik

+ played a didjeridu
+ jammed with the greatest beatles fan
+ built a teepee
+ fallen in love with Hugh Grant
+ memorized the best creamy pasta broccoli recipe
+ watched about a boy
+ read Ecotopia
+ african drumming workshop
+ read Waiting for Godot
+ chicken butchering (30)
+ discovered bubble tea
+ two weeks at Northern Sun Farm
+ hula-hooping with steph
+ building the cob house at SNAC
+ Thanksgiving and our walk to the park (Hippies!)
+ worked at a thrift store
+ wore black lipstick (halloween)
+ learned a bit about running a small business
+ house managering with Becca, twice
+ scavanger hunt in Lorette, meeting Micki
+ visited the Monastery ruins
+ visited three workers co-ops (Organic Planet, Mondragon and the Bike co-op)
+ gotten better at chess
+ watched countless sunsets from our swing
+ read communist manifesto
+ harvest and the potato dirt fight with Jess
+ house managering with Micah – AH! The Beets!
+ World Bank Game
+ made 2400 dream-catchers for the Festival du Voyageur
+ self-defense workshop
+ made a 4 person swing out of a cubicle wall
+ played poker, and lost a lot of money
+ read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
+ roller-skating with our cluster
+ Winnipeg wander – so many cool shops! (Ragpickers, Prairie Sky Books, Mondragon, Mango, the used bookstore, Junto 91)
+ Winnipeg Art Gallery
+ Museum of Man and Nature
+ spent 48 hours with my parents in winnepeg
+ jamming with Guillaume at rotation camp
+ visited Springs church in Winnipeg
+ fell in love with chai tea
+ walked the Assinibone River
+ learned a bit of accounting stuff (quite boring)
+ been to a meditation sanctuary
+ learned to make falafels
+ planted trees
+ pig butchering (4)
+ saw love actually
+ sorted books at the high school library
+ breakdancing workshops
+ Tai Kwan Do workshop
+ wrestling workshop
+ visited the petroforms at White Shell Provincial Park
+ visited the Forks
+ read David
+ bought weakerthans cd, left and leaving and fell in love
+ landed in Thunderbay
+ Reflexology workshop
+ two saunas at NSF
+ learned to split wood
+ harvested 100 trees
+ collected eggs, gardened, other farm work
+ read Fast Food Nation
+ made friends with a goat named Reuben
+ saw the Aurora Borealis for the first time, and my parents were with me
+ watched a bollide light the evening sky, sitting around a campfire with alumni
+ lived in Manitoba for 3 months
+ read Mere Christianity
+ sang twelve weeks of Katimavik at rotation camp
+ massage workshop
+ watched boys don’t cry
+ learned about different Ojibwa tribe rituals (Sundance, Vision Quest, sweat lodge)
+ made homemade yogurt
+ roasted my first chicken (at 500 – eek!)
+ and two more since then
+ lit my own woodstove
+ learned how ‘eh’ got started
+ final presentation in lacolle
+ become an Xavier Rudd fan
+ the cube visualization activity
+ learned about sustainable living
+ meditation workshop
+ learned to play and dance the tango
+ watched a lunar eclipse on a somewhat cloudy night
+ met motivational speaker, Brad West
+ saw 2 Charlie Chaplin films in a theater
+ visited Big Rock Organic Farm
+ thanksgiving dinner outside with 30 people under the stars
+ bought my first Ani cd
+ climbed a windmill tower
+ met a drug dealer from Amsterdam
+ learned to make potato pancakes, two different ways (shredded or mashed?)
+ shingled a hallway

+ read the favourite game
+ sign language workshop
+ CPR course with Craig Ross, funniest guy ever
+ thrown up on a bus
+ seen butterfly effect
+ farewell party in quebec and jamming with liz
+ broke up a fight on the school bus
+ saw mean girls
+ read go ask alice
+ watched a magic show in french
+ ringette on beaver lake
+ played scrabble in french. (jeux for 60 points.)
+ new horizons workshop in st. jean (boring!)
+ tire d’érable – maple syrup on a stick. no easy task, just ask kori.
+ two words: tracy. chapman.
+ had mussels for dinner. and enjoyed them.
+ watched Saving Private Ryan
+ T.U.R.D.
+ vanilla tea. yum.
+ saw butterfly effect
+ st. valentine’s festival
+ watched hitch in theatres in french
+ house managering with jess
+ Huit Femmes in Chambly
+ said goodbye to the class of kindergartens 😦
+ made my first lasagna
+ found an ice rink to play hockey, a lot of hockey
+ had my family visit for christmas
+ witnessed a pick-pocketing
+ saw The Hamburg Cell
+ saw dodgeball. twice. in one night
+ biodome (penguins & monkeys)
+ read The Catcher In The Rye
+ played ping-pong with a 63 year old lady and lost. three times.
+ 3 local Quebec bands play live
+ played guitar with liz, 67 years old
+ watched the sun rise over lake champlain
+ played Greensleeves on a 100+ year old pipe organ
+ read I was a teenage katimaviktim
+ wove a basket
+ donnie darko and pop rocks on a date with steph
+ watched the titanic and erin brokovich in french
+ read Illusions
+ painted a canvas
+ survived my first christmas away from home
+ made a list of goals for my life
+ dreaded Jess’s hair
+ bought Oliver Twist and Selected writings from Descartes
+ competed in a lumberjack competition. came in second. with style
+ fetes de neige in montreal
+ read Uh-oh, by Robert Fulghum
+ had the airport lose my luggage
+ discovered bobby mcferrin
+ read Beautiful Losers
+ read oliver twist
+ organized a christmas movie marathon including: eight crazy nights, the grinch, love actually and miracle sur la 34e rue
+ learned how to play Summer of ’69
+ read Franny and Zooey
+ learned to knit
+ had tea with jessica everyday of house managering
+ skated on lake champlain
+ learned Hotel California on guitar
+ had a boy cut my hair
+ 48 hours in Ontario! (jamming with azalea, lunch with matt, sleepover, lake with mom (the sunlight hitting us so suddenly), party on saturday, and rob’s ordination (harmonica lessons, food, and jokes with jenn))
+ went to a petite carnival in quebec
+ listened to the ice on the lake crack
+ compiled a list of authors to investigate
+ danced the salsa with steve in a techno club
+ saw the Adirondacks
+ watched the moon rise over lake champlain
+ beaver tails. yum yum.
+ the room visualisation activity
+ miracle poutine
+ visited two old age homes (met Maurice and Gary)
+ climbed Mont Royal
+ made lasagna for my host family
+ tobagganing with the kindergarteners
+ Hellenore Plunka
+ lived in the country with corrine and christian for two weeks
+ read up on the history of Montreal
+ visited St. Joseph’s Oratory and attended Mass in French
+ helped with the food drive
+ skated beside the st. laurent, across from centreville de montreal
+ watched elf
+ visited a butcher shop
+ dreaded jessica’s hair
+ worked in a French school with grade one’s, two’s and kindergarten

New Brunswick:
+ flown to moncton
+ hiking and beach exploration on Minister’s Island
+ played slide guitar on a horizontal guitar (?)
+ campfire and smores at the ocean bay
+ european handball
+ off-roading in the Katimavan
+ coolest bridge ruins ever
+ drove along the ocean floor when the tide was out to minister’s island
+ worked at Lincourt manor
+ New River Beach Provincial Park (running on the beach, seaweed and barnacles, spelunking with kate and sarah and kori, collecting shells, exploring)
+ st. croix island, 400 year anniversary
+ lived on the bay and watched countless sunrises from my bed
+ bouldering and hike on minister’s island
+ saw winnepeg group at moncton airport
+ watched the moon through the night
+ watched the tide roll in and out
+ seen stars from my bed
+ read all but four calvin and hobbes
+ The Photo Book
+ coolest girl’s room ever
+ organized the bookshelf
+ drum-offs with graehme
+ planted mystery herbs
+ dressed up as turkey lurkey for the skatathon
+ craziest version of keep-away ever, in the dark
+ st. martin’s beach with cluster
+ st. jean wander with emily (washrooms, sparklers and security guards)
+ new brunswick museum
+ drove through a covered bridge
+ lighthouse
+ dulce. yuck.
+ treasure hunt in St. Andrew’s (There’s treasure everywhere!)
+ Block house in St. Andrew’s
+ Biological research center and aquarium
+ Wharf with watermelon
+ wandering st. andrew’s, window shopping
+ hike up Rossmount Mountain, exploring old house with Kate
+ read (most of) The Tattooed Map
+ snowboarding at Poley Mountain
+ Bird’s Eye View live
+ St. Patty’s day drinking games
+ Napolean Dynamite! Idiots!
+ putting on all the clothes I own (44) and playing Strip Tag
+ collage (Baby, you are pure potential)
+ learned to do the loon call
+ floor hockey
+ read the poisonwood bible
+ tasted pomello (grapefruit that tastes good and has a nerf football for a skin)
+ Deer Island
+ Judy’s house for crafts
+ guitar theory lesson from Matt
+ Science East
+ free time in Fredericton
+ Fredericton Farmer’s Market, the hangout on a saturday morning
+ Beaverbrook Art Gallery tour
+ Santiago by Salvador Dali
+ read the first Harry Potter
+ Read Jonathan Livingston Seagull
+ St. David Ridge, and the cattle farm
+ easter egg hunt and SO much chocolate
+ chocolate museaum tour (and more chocolate)
+ racing grocery shopping
+ weenie roast
+ ham dinner
+ mom’s visit
+ running away to fredericton, up 785 and ending up in saint john
+ st. andrew’s (story book town) and walking out during low tide
+ Saint John, St. George, and Deer Island – all in one day. And the gorgeous bridge in St. George!
+ the whirlpools on deer island and my inukshook (sp?)
+ the abandoned house with mom
+ Picnicing at New River beach.
+ Mocton/PEI trip – Hopewell rocks and caving with kate and graehme and getting scared by a pigeon, drugged on gravol, Fundy, downtown moncton, ultimate in the park, the acadian museum and art gallery, the jam room, i hate jude law, magnetic hill, fort beausejour, mooning nb from ns, charlottetown, providence house and the harbour, wendy’s house, summerside, the ice pans, the beach and skipping stones and red sand, confederation bridge, shediac, the giant lobster, fight club, green gables, pei national park, is there anything i missed?
+ billeting with Kass and Maggie (movies and babysitting)
+ movies at billeting: spiderman 2, klan of the cave bear, pay it forward, sideways, spanglish, monty python and the meaning of life, napolean dynamite, love actually, pirates of the caribean, heavyweights, zoolander, spiderman, harry potter and the sorceror’s stone, lemony snicket’s a series of unfortunate events, finding nemo
+ had my first taste of lobster
+ read The Red Tent
+ read one flew over the cuckoo’s nest
+ harry potter with becca x3
+ posionwood bible
+ nervous conditions
+ hey nostradamus
+ camping trip: rain, fly fishing, amber, jamming, campfire, football, soccer w julie, botchiball, beach, jellyfish and crab, tent evac, caraquet, chuck taylors,
+ eternal sunrise of the spotless mind
+ phantom of the opera
+ mactaquac dam
+ map and compass workshop
+ unb tour
+ sleeping at freddy’s house
+ campfire at freddy’s
+ tenting at freddy’s
+ rock-climbing and the gagetown gym
+ operation store storm, objective: ice cream bars
+ charlotte county food drive
+ huntsman marine biology center
+ camping at ganong nature park in my teepee
+ the coolest playground in st. andrew’s
+ crash in saint john. way to much sugar.
+ hacky-sack and coke refills
+ final presentation with becca (micah and graehme’s halarity)
+ saying goodbye to lincourt
+ ferry to grand manan
+ james bates and his cabins
+ four-wheeling and shovelling gravel with kate. female power and camp songs.
+ debriefing activities on the cliffs
+ “never have i ever…”
+ lobster dinner
+ firecrackers and the campfire
+ shooting star and the dock with kate
+ the bus arriving early
+ saying goodbye to graehme and kate. and the full moons
+ harry potter summary from becca
+ saying goodbye in the airport
+ guitar case full of undies

+ countless campfires and jam sessions
+ baked a delicious egg-quiche thingy
+ leadership, second language, cultural discovery committees
+ sharing circles
+ learned some sick blues improv
+ played countless sports (basketball, hockey, soccer and ultimate being my favourite)
+ tried to become a coffee lover, unsucessful
+ watched no tv
+ become more confident in cooking
+ learned some french
+ learned some astronomy (a light year is six billion km)
+ constellations: seven sisters, big dipper, northern star, orion, cepheus, casieopia
+ learned (or am learning) group living strategies
+ seen five shooting stars
+ made friends from all across Canada
+ cooked for 12, including 4 vegetarians
+ countless team-building games (card houses, spiderweb, nuclear shelter, trip to mars, rope tangle, etc.)
+ workshops on: nutrition, composting, ecological footprints, cooking, bread making, diabetes, tolerance and appreciation of differences, family backgrounds, healthy sexuality, decision-making workshop, values auction, etc.

+ met a great group of ten people to share all this with, and so many others along the way