I grew up in Southern Ontario, spent a few years travelling after high school, and then found home on the East Coast of Canada, where I graduated with a B.A. in Literature from Canada’s smallest university. After school, roots pulled me back to Ontario and I’m currently traipsing through Hamilton, discovering its devastating beauty and building community with my neighbours. I work with adults with developmental disabilities, and I can’t imagine anything better. I will try just about anything once, from sky-diving to eating pickled octopus. I am a big fan of being outside, making music and eating sushi. I married the woman who stole my heart in August 2012.


I’ve been writing about my struggle with mental illness (specifically Borderline Personality Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder) since the beginning of 2013, although my blog contains many other posts on spirituality, LGBT issues, and stories from my experiences working with adults with developmental disabilities.

My blog is a place where I try to sort out what community, love, hope and peace mean to me. It is where I process my darkest moments and where I find light. It is called One Deep Breath because it encompasses the idea of experiencing one moment at a time, always remembering to breathe deeply and to live fully. I write because it is therapeutic, and I find it a good way to communicate ideas with others. Hope and peace are characteristics that must be cultivated, like a garden, and writing is one expression of that work.

I am striving to live mindfully, peacefully and justly in all that I do. For me, all of life is made up of small choices between life and death. Each decision we make leads us closer to one or the other. One Deep Breath is a place to remind myself that I have the power to choose life in each moment, and that life feels fuller when I pay attention to the choice.