Heart ache.

Massive flooding is threatening human lives, homes, wildlife and the ecosystem, and essential human services like healthcare in Ottawa, Gatineau and surrounding communities.

Although many feel the military support did not come soon enough or with as much human power as needed early in the crisis, and likely still now, I want to say this is one of the very few kinds of military service I can throw my full support behind. All the rest is so complicated but it’s beautiful to see an engine of power being used for something other than violence.

Our Canadian neighbors will need our support in the coming weeks, and financial donations to organizations like the Red Cross provide far less logistical problems than donations of goods.

We have access to many resources to support the individuals effected, and although not nearly perfect, the care for safety of the residents of these Canadians communities is a privilege many developing nations in poverty situations simply can’t provide (current flooding in Bangladesh, as just one example).

And this particular instance of flooding demonstrates my deep concerns about rising global temperatures. I don’t have any clue how others could view this, along with the enormous amount of other examples, and come to any other conclusion than knowing with complete certainty that we are personally and collectively culpable for putting our world into a MASSIVE state of crisis that threatens the continuance of all Life on our Mother Earth.