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Today, October 20th, more than 116,000 people will wear purple.

They will do this to remember six American boys (and many others) who took their lives last month after being bullied for being gay.

Sadly, we can’t do anything for those who are gone.

We can do something for those who are still here.

There are countless others – kids who are just trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in the world.  Kids who are being told from a thousand angles that who they are is wrong, or in the very least, other – a deviation from what is normal.

I will wear purple today to remind myself and those in my community that we are surrounded by a message that says heterosexuality is the norm and homosexuality is in some way less.

It doesn’t take a bully to alienate someone who is different.  Our churches, schools, governments, friends, families and media do it for us daily.

Yes, many things have changed.  More and more people are willing to stand up as proud gay and lesbian, transgendered and bisexual people, and as straight allies.  And there is still a long way to go in accepting homosexuality as an equal and normal expression of sexuality.

Whether you are gay or straight, if you believe that people should have safe space to figure out who they are, please join us by simply wearing purple today.  If you are brave, you can even tell people in your community why.

You can join us on Facebook:

Day of Purple (55,000+ attending)

Spirit Day (61,000+ attending)

And please watch these clips:

Ellen DeGeneres’ message:

Councilman Joel Burn’s message:

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