The Artist

I volunteered at the Freeway coffeehouse tonight.

One of my new friends came in to work on one of her many ongoing art/craft projects.  Her art might not be valued by a lot of critics or the general public, but when you see how much joy it gives her, it becomes a deeply meaningful experience, a privilege to share.

When I commented on the beauty of her most recent project she responded by saying “I am very good.  Before I felt so stifled, but now I feel like a butterfly, so free.”

I could have wept, right there on the spot.  I was so moved by her self-awareness, her grace, her recognition of the beautiful and rare gift of being able to express oneself.  This is a true artist.


Journey Mystery Community


I remember all that has brought me to this place.  Intermingling of light and darkness.  For better or worse, I am who I am.  And I am still becoming.  Stop looking for the big ‘wow’ moment that will forever change my life and live for the small moments that are here and now.  Appreciate the connection of this moment to the journey I have just come from, and the one that will go on from here.  In small ways and small places I continue to journey forward.


I accept that I will never be able to understand it all.  Some of my questions won’t ever have answers.  Be okay with the mystery, even delighted by the mystery.  Birth and death, growth and pain, healing and disease, hope and despair, brokenness and redemption.  It doesn’t make sense to me, but gravity doesn’t make sense to the birds and yet they are able to fly.


Community is never perfect.  And I wouldn’t want to hang out with perfect people.  I wouldn’t belong there.  It’s good that sometimes I don’t like the things you say or do, because it means its okay when you don’t like the things I say or do.  I still want my roots to become entangled with yours.  And maybe if I listen more and judge less, I will learn something from your story.  I might discover that you and I are not so different.